“Your whole sense of self-worth is suddenly lost as phone calls and emails to prospective employers go unanswered…Shahrzad fully understands this and brings more than stellar career advice to the table, she brings compassion!…Shahrzad helps you do far more than find a job, she helps you find a career that is an ideal fit for who you are as a person.”

K. – Design and Communication Professional

“[Shahrzad is] always responsive to the course attendees’ questions and learning styles. She demonstrates a genuine concern that each student “gets” it and thoroughly understands the material covered.”

Sandi Myers – Workforce development, training, and event planning professional

“I often consulted Shahrzad for advice …She is one of the most professional and helpful career and fellowship counselors that I have ever worked with. Her passion and compassion comes out through her endeavors in helping others find, and achieve, their dreams.”

J. – Nonprofit and higher education professional

“Her commitment to professionalism and holistic empowerment of others provides clients with both timely and appropriate resources for personal development and life/career planning.”

Vicky Sawyer – Master Career Counselor in Higher Education Services

“Shahrzad’s career counseling style has always been personalized to meet the needs of her clients. She infuses compassion, creates safe environments and incorporates resources from a wide and deep counseling toolkit…I highly recommend Shahrzad for group and one-on-one career consulting services. She is well-versed in career counseling techniques and coaching individuals to goal.”

Jan Cotton – Higher Education and Career Services Consultant

“She did a great job informing the job seekers and staff about LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Everyone came away with a deeper understanding of the purpose and uses of social networking. This is my third class on this topic with Shahrzad, and I still came away with five pages of notes! …Shahrzad is the expert I turn to again and again on the topic of social networking.”

Beth Davis-Reinhold – Frederick County Workforce Services