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   Nourish Your Career   Career advice and recipes (yes, real recipes) to nourish your career and life, from me and 17 other professionals who contributed to my book.



__________________________ is a great site managed by the wonderful Susan P. Joyce Here, you’ll find anything from information on online job search (how to do it well and safely) to advice and tons of helpful resources on many aspects of a successful job search. Susan has been carefully selecting, evaluating, and updating these since the ’90s.


Paula Brand (Brand Career Management) is a trusted colleague and friend.  Paula specializes in LinkedIn for career-minded individuals. I love collaborating with her and recommend her with full confidence; we teach workshops together, have co-authored articles, and she is one of the great contributors to “Nourish Your Career”.


Alison Doyle is a wonderful career professional I greatly respect, and whose background and experience allow her to give you great advice! You can find her here and here