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~Webinar Series~

“[Paula] offers regular training sessions on LinkedIn…and has become our ‘go to’ person to learn about the latest tricks and techniques. Her easygoing style and clear, step-by-step instructions take all the anxiety out of dealing with a new technology.” ~ Karen James Chopra, LPC, MCC, NCC


You asked for it, we created it! In this webinar series, take an in-depth look at specific portions and features of LinkedIn. The webinars were recently offered live and recorded. You can now purchase a recording of each as we cover how to:


Create a great Profile  – Get the most out of Groups  – Use the Alumni part of the site effectively  – Find and follow Companies   &   – Use Advanced Search for your career and business goals.


“Everyone came away with a deeper understanding of the purpose and uses of social networking. This is my third class on this topic with Shahrzad, and I still came away with five pages of notes! She answered all our questions.” ~ Beth Davis-Reinhold, Instructor and Career/Workforce Development Professional 


You will:

• Learn and put to use our tips, tricks, LinkedIn’s hidden gems, and little known facts that can make a big difference in your LinkedIn experience and the results you get (we’ve done the research for you!)

• Save time, effort, and frustration by accessing our expertise as trainers and experienced users of this valuable tool

• Grow your network, research companies, establish your brand and show expertise in your field; use the site for research and professional development; and find and connect to career opportunities

• Gain the knowledge you need to confidently use each LinkedIn feature we cover, build a stronger network, and effectively and consistently use the site for career and business success


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Webinar 1 LinkedIn Profiles – create an effective, compelling profile that will work for you! We’ll cover each aspect of a strong profile, take an in-depth look at what goes in each section, and discuss ideas for content and format.  $39

[The recording of this webinar is no longer available.]


Webinar 2 LinkedIn Groups and Alumni – how to find and interact with the right groups for your goals, professional development, to grow your network, and showcase your expertise (and what not to do); use the alumni feature for research, networking, and see how to put it to use in your career and business. $39

[The recording of this webinar is no longer available.]


Webinar 3 Advanced Search and Companies – how to use advanced search to quickly uncover what you really need to know (a link to a job or your next business partner, for instance), how and why you’ll want to find, follow, and research target companies. $39

[The recording of this webinar is no longer available.]


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[The recording of this webinar is no longer available.]


Listen from the comfort of your own home or office! Each webinar recording is 1 hour and will focus on a specific topic or two, with time for Q&A.

Currently, we are offering the webinars at a special price of only $39 per session, or only $99 for all three!


Profiles $39  –

[The recording of this webinar is no longer available.]


Groups and Alumni $39  –

[The recording of this webinar is no longer available.]


Companies and Using Advanced Search $39  –

[The recording of this webinar is no longer available.]


Purchase all three for only $99

[The recording of this webinar is no longer available.]


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Paula Brand                                                                                                    Shahrzad Arasteh

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Paula Brand is an avid user and proponent of LinkedIn. Many people call her a local expert on this topic. She is a career professional with extensive experience covering workforce development, education, human resources and career counseling, and a passion for helping people succeed in job search and career management.

As the founder of Brand Career Management (BCM), she enjoys educating others on getting the most of out of LinkedIn by training groups and working with individuals. Paula’s article, “GETTING MORE OUT OF LINKEDIN AND AVOIDING THE PITFALLS,” was published in Career Convergence, an online publication of the National Career Development Association.


Shahrzad Arasteh is a holistic career counselor and trainer, and founder of Career Consulting Services. She provides training, and career and professional development services to individuals, groups, and organizations; particularly those that are interested in making a positive, meaningful difference.

Shahrzad has provided training on LinkedIn and other social networks to adults interested in career success, career professionals, and organizations (including the Maryland Institute for Workforce Excellence and Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association), and served as a panelist on Voice of Careers’ “Social Media for Job Seekers – what you need to know now.”



Please note that for this series of webinars, due to our focus on specific features and parts of LinkedIn, having basic familiarity with the site is helpful.

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