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For your job search & career management.

While I work with a diverse range of clients, I specialize in providing customized career exploration, search, and management services to those in career transition, clients seeking meaningful/encore careers, and people interested in changing the world for the better through their work (if you’ve ever been described as a “save the world” type, this would be you). As a holistic career counselor, I will help you find a career that fits your life as it is today, and create a realistic plan for the work you want to do in the future (e.g., when your caregiving role or other considerations have changed).

Most services are available in face-to-face and virtual (via phone, Skype, etc.) formats, and include:


Career counseling – We’ll work together to clarify and explore your goals; identify interests, values, and strengths; and create a targeted plan to successfully reach your chosen destination. The process of career counseling often includes one or more of the services listed below.


Career exploration – If you are changing careers or choosing a career for the first time, identifying fields that are a good match for you and discovering important information about each is an important early step.  If you feel drawn to nursing, for example, it’s a good idea to find out whether you can stand the sight of blood before you begin to work on gaining admission to a nursing program. During the career exploration phase, you can also find helpful information about typical career paths for your field of interest, as well as other data that will help you select which options to pursue further.


Job search / Career planning consultation – Discover what you’re doing well and what you could do differently in your job search, and in managing your career. Learn the “how to” tips, techniques, and resources, and what you need to make them work for you (making them fit you, not the other way around).


Résumé and other career marketing documents – You have skills, experience, and qualifications that are of value to your next employer. Do your résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and other marketing documents allow these to shine through? As a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and career professional, I will coach you on creating documents that effectively communicate your unique value and match for the position.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) – This valuable assessment allows you to gain deeper insight into your preferences and personality and how they might influence the way you interact with people and situations (including work settings). Understanding your personality type (and that of others) will help as you choose, change, and manage your career; develop and nurture relationships; and more effectively and joyfully engage in various parts of your life.


Assessment of work-related interests and values – Explore the interests and values that are meaningful to you – and identify those that are not – and apply this knowledge to creating a fulfilling work environment. This is an important part of the puzzle when you’re creating or considering career options. It helps you reflect on why you find yourself energized by, and thriving in some jobs, while others leave you drained.


Career transition – You may be wondering if changing careers is right for you, or have decided it’s definitely time to do something else. Whether you’ve selected your next career, or have just made the decision to use your skills and passions in a different field, the career transition process can be an exciting (and sometimes a little scary) journey leading to work you’ll find meaningful, energizing, and a great fit for your interests, values, skills, and life.


Social Media for job search, career management, and business – Social Media and social networking are wonderful resources, and can be very valuable to you as you search for your next opportunity, actively guide your career journey, or focus on sharing your business/organization. Focusing primarily on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook (the “big three”), I will help you learn how to use these platforms, create strong profiles for each, and navigate each online community.


Networking –  Chances are our definition of (and approach to) networking is going to be a bit different than whatever images or words just came to your mind. You’ve heard how important networking is and how effective it can be, but how do you network? What exactly is it, and how do you “network” in a way that fits your personality and style, respects the other person’s needs, and unfolds possibilities that serve you both well. That’s what we can help you explore and adapt to your unique personality and preferences.


Interview preparation – Congratulations! You’ve been invited to interview for the job you want.  Now, let’s work on what you need to do to prepare for this meeting, research the employer and position further, and how to engage in a conversation that will help you evaluate the position, answer the employer’s (and your) questions, and highlight why you’re “the” candidate for this position.


Coaching group – We keep most of the coaching groups small to ensure your individual questions and goals are addressed. Coaching groups are virtual (typically by phone or via webinar format) so you can participate from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. Because of this, they are a lifestyle and schedule-friendly option. *Please note: Group coaching is only offered  when there are a minimum number of clients who choose this option (instead of, or in addition to individual sessions). It is also possible to request a new coaching group if you have a few potential members interested in starting with you.


Workshops and retreats – A variety of topics related to career search and management, personal development, social media, and career/life transition are explored in a workshop or retreat setting.  Workshops range from an hour to 1/2 a day or one-day workshops (and can be customized in length and content for groups and organizations with specific needs).  Retreats are usually 1-2 days.  Sample workshop and retreat topics include: Discover Your Passion™; Career TransitionJob Search; Social Media and Job Search/Career Management.  *If you are interested in attending a workshop or retreat and would like to bring it to your location, we’d be happy to discuss this option.