Ready to work together to nourish your career or business?

This three-session initial package lets us start working on your specific career goals and needs now. The focus is on beginning to identify and explore your goals more fully, and creating a customized plan for reaching them.

Why Three Sessions? Those who experience meaningful results are usually folks who are ready and able to commit to the process and actively work on their goals. While each person’s needs – and the number of sessions to meet them – are different, most clients find between 5-12 sessions meet their needs. It takes a minimum of 3 sessions to clarify and begin making progress toward your goals, so it makes sense to start there. You will be able to add individual sessions after that.

Get in touch to see how working together fits your goals, and if it’s a good match

Our career counseling/coaching sessions are customized to your career and life needs and often focus on topics related to career/business exploration, search/transition plan, career management, strategy, and target (the what, why, and how). The individual services are offered virtually.

Package Details – We will have an initial/interview appointment of up to 1 ¼ hours, and two follow-up sessions of 50 minutes each. This package is $550. Additional sessions are available at $185 per session (50 minutes).

Assessments (MBTI®, values, and interests) and career marketing documents (LinkedIn profile, résumé coaching, etc.) may be added to this package. Contact me for details and pricing.

Get in touch to see how working together fits your goals, and if it’s a good match

Clients – While I work with a diverse range of clients, I specialize in helping people interested in making a positive difference through their work. My clients include people and organizations with a social good focus, nonprofits, and people who want to find “what’s next” for them, whether it’s a different job in their field, career transition, becoming an entrepreneur, or a complete lifestyle/career change. As a holistic career counselor, I will help you find work that fits your life as it is today, and create a realistic plan for what you want to do in the future (e.g., when your caregiving role or other considerations have changed).

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