Are you a career professional seeking ways to grow and demonstrate your expertise and professionalism but confused by the multitude of certification options with no trusted, convenient source to compare the choices? If so, the Essential Guide to Career Certifications was created for you! 

The Essential Guide to Career Certifications offers information on 40+ career credentials. It includes the training provider, category, costs, length of time, re-certification requirements and a link for more information. Most of us have a limited amount of time and money; as a career professional, this list will help you invest your time and money more wisely. If you are a manager of career staff, it will help you budget and plan for training costs, making the most of your budget, while ensuring your team has the training and credentials they need to provide quality career services.

The list was created by  career professionals, Paula Brand and Shahrzad Arasteh, who have extensive experience in the field, along with a number of certifications,  to fill an obvious need for fellow career pros. Over the years, so many people have expressed the desire for a resource just like this. We listened and created one just for you. After weeks of careful research, drafting and editing, we are proud to offer this publication to help you nourish your career.                                                                                                            Paula Brand, MS, JCTC, GCDF, CPRW Shahrzad Arasteh, MA, MCDP, GCDF, CPRW

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